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About Me

My Background

I have a background in Fine Art and Illustration. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I was surrounded by creativity and it is where I learned valuable lessons in time management with regards to client-artist relationships. I like to write poetry, which I sometimes associate with my images.  My work varies in scope and style, however, I always love telling a story through my work. I enjoy historical and mythical images, and want to provoke the viewer to see and question many symbols.  I also enjoy drawing, which is how I started my business Sweet Thing creations.  I sketch images of important clothing, such as christening gowns, or wedding dresses as keepsakes.  I love design and love challenges, and can't wait to tell my next story!

My Medium

I use whatever medium is needed for a particular piece, varying from oils, acrylics, charcoals, dyes and gouache.  

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from so many places!  I love to read historical fiction and many times images come into my mind.  I love to study humankind and I find myself completing work about a tragic musician.  I love to find themes and them work in a series.  I also just like setting up and drawing a small vignette, or enjoying creating a plain air painting from the beauty of my surroundings.

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